El Madero Farm and Resort


Frequently Asked Questions


1. How much is the Entrance fees? Does the Entrance fee covers only use of your swimming pool?


ADULT 11 YRS OLD & ABOVE          PHP 150.00

CHILDREN AGES 2 TO 10 YRS OLD            PHP 50.00


ADULT 11 YRS OLD & ABOVE      PHP 200.00
CHILDREN AGES 2 TO 10 YRS OLD        PHP 75.00



ADULT 11 YRS OLD & ABOVE      PHP 250.00

CHILDREN AGES 2 TO 10 YRS OLD        PHP 100.00


ADULT 11 YRS & ABOVE.             PHP 250.00

CHILDREN AGES 2 TO 10 YRS OLD.      PHP 100.00


ADULT 11 YRS & ABOVE.            PHP 300.00




Entrance fee covers the usage of our public pools and other recreational/sports facilities.  



2. Do you accept credit card payment?

                    Unfortunately, we are currently accepting CASH as mode of payment. You may also pay us through bank. Kindly contact us for our bank information.


3. What pools can we access in your resort?

             El Madero Farm and Resort has total 11 pools. Out of which 2 public swimming (2ft – 3ft kiddie pool and 4ft – 5ft adult pool) in Agua Nuevo area can be use by the public.


4. If we decide to get room accommodations, will there be any additional charges ? 

                   Yes, El Madero Farm and Resorts has various room accommodations which depends on your preference. You may choose between air-conditioned and non air-conditioned rooms. Room rates ranges from Php 2,000 and above depending on number of occupants.


5.  What time can we Check-in and Check-out? 

                  Day time check-in: 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM (Current Day).   Day check-in is good for a maximum of 8 hours room stay. Please note that additional 10% room rate/per hour will be billed to guest should you go beyond 8 hours stay. 


                  Overnight Check-in: 4:00 PM (Current Day) - 10:00 AM (Following Day).    Please note that additional 10% room rate per hour will be billed to guest should you go beyond allowable check out time 


6. What is your Peak and Off Peak Seasons? 


             Peak Season: March – June

             Super Peak: Holy Week

             Off Peak Season: July – Feb



7. Can you bring FOOD to the resort?  

                You can bring personal food however, should you plan to have an outside caterer then it will be subject to a corkage fee of 10% of the total food contract.  Please note that food is strictly prohibited both inside or beside the swimming pool areas.


8.   Can we bring LIQUORS to the resort? Do you have any other resort corkages? 

                You can bring hard drinks free of charge.  However, if you plan to bring beers then it will be subject to P300.00 per case corkage fee.


                We also provide Videoke rental at extra cost of P1200.00. Should you wish to bring your own Videoke, it will be subject to P300   Videoke corkage per unit.  Please note that Videoke curfew is 10:00 PM until 7:00 AM following day as per municipal ordinance.

                Bringing of personal Sound System is discouraged. Should wish to bring one, it will be subject to P1,000.00 corkage.


9.   Is there any parking space in the resort?        

                     Yes, we do. We have ample space that you can use to park you vehicle without additional charge.


10.    What are the swimming attire required for pool use?

               Please wear proper swimming attire: Swimsuit/Rash guard attire for Females and Board shorts/swimming trunks/Rash guard attire for Males. In the absence of swimming attire, we allow wearing of  white or light colored T-shirt and light shorts..    Wearing of DARK COLORED T-SHIRTS and MAONG SHORTS  are strictly prohibited from use of swimming pool.


11.  Do you have any House Rules?

           *  Please DO NOT leave your valuables unattended. The resort will not be liable to all loss valuable things.

           *Strictly no smoking inside the rooms.  

           *Pets are not allowed inside the resort.

           *Rooms are equipped with basic fixtures, lights and beddings.  If any of these are damaged, missing, soiled or vandalized,

            these  will be charged to the guest/company.

            *Smoking and Cooking is strictly prohibited inside the rooms.

            *Children below 11 years old should always be accompanied by responsible guardian or parent.

            *The management has the right to refuse customer with skin disease to use the pool.

            *No bringing of pets, firearms and deadly weapons

            *Footwear, foods and drinks are not allowed in the pool deck.

            *Please avoid ROUGH SPORTS inside the pool area or near the pool deck.

            *Strictly No Picking up of flowers, fruits plants, Vandalism and any act that would cause harm or damage to the trees and plants.

            *Any immoral form of entertainment

            *Illegal drugs and related activities.

            *Roaming around on board privately owned motorcycles, bikes and scooters.

            *Obey instructions of lifeguard and staff. We reserve the right to implement additional rules and regulations for the safety of          everybody.

             *We have the right to ask those who have repeatedly disregarded our resort’s rules or have become a nuisance to other guest to leave the resort premises. The deposits/ payments made by those guests who have been asked in leave are subjects to forfeiture and are non-refundable.  




12.  How much should we pay if we decide to make a reservation?


               Reservation is considered upon 50% down payment. Balance must be paid upon check-in.

13.  What if I decide to cancel my reservation? 

               Cancelling your reservation must be in formal notice in writing at least fifteen (15) days prior to reserved booking date.  Please note that one-half of your reservation fee will be considered as Resort's cancellation fee.  

                 Should you cancel your reservation at least seven (7) days prior to reserved booking date, no refund of reservation fee will be entertained.